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How to manage social networks icons.

The following tutorial is going to show how to manage social networks icon

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Download and Install


Currently, the module will only be included in the pretashop theme that support the module by default. So you have to download the theme package then the module will be there for you to use.


You can install the module as any other pretashop module. If you are new to prestashop, you can check How To Install Prestashop Module Video Tutorial

Step 1

Navigate to Modules>>Modules

Step 2

Scroll down and search “ Leo manage widget” and click the Configure button

By this way, help you find widget name of module to edit at Leo manage widget

Step 3

Social networking icons display at footer , so you click at “ displayfooter bottom”

Step 4

You can see that its name is “ Follow me”

Step 5

Navigate to Modules >>Leo Manage Widgets.

Step 6

Navigate to Modules >>Leo Manage Widgets

Step 7

You find “ Follow me” at Widget Name item

Step 8

You click source code and enter your URLs into the fields for those social services which you want to show in the footer.

You will see the list of the following social services:

  • Facebook URL – Your Facebook fan page.
  • Twitter URL - Your official Twitter accounts.
  • RSS URL – The RSS feed of your choice (your blog, your store, etc.).
  • YouTube URL – Your official YouTube account.
  • Google Plus URL – You official Google Plus page.
  • Pinterest URL – Your official Pinterest account.

Step 9

Click ok and save button to confirm the changes


Hope this tutorial is much of help for you while developing your e-Commerce Prestashop site. Forum or send us email through the Contact Form or send directly to the following email. We will try to answer and solve problems for you as soon as possible (within 2 days)