Ap GDPR Userguide

Bring your store into compliance with the EU regulations

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When install the module successfully, access Modules then search for Ap GDPR, enable it then open its setting panel.

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A. Backend

  • 1. Configuration
  • 2. Request Form
  • 3. Account deletion request
  • 4. Info

1. Configuration

Step 1: Access module > search for Ap GDPR > Configuration

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Ap GDPR supports to show on many positions on site like Register, Contact us, Newsletter, 'Checkout' Form, Notify me when available product, continue

  • Yes/No: To Enable or Disable function of Ap GDPR module for each checkboxes on site
  • Legal note show after button: Used to note for conditions to accept.
  • Select CMS URL for register

2. Request Form

Request Form collects all registered customer emails

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3. Account deletion request

Allows admin to delete accounts that request to be deleted from Front end

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4. Info

Display necessary information of Ap GDPR Module

  • Changelog
  • Documentation
  • Contact us
  • Our modules

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B. Frontend

Ap GDPR can be shown in many different places on site

1. Newsletter

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2. Contact us

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3. Register

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4. Checkout

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5. Continue

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6. Notify me when available product

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When account deletion requests are sent from the Frontend:

Step 1: Login your account. Access and select Ap GDPR

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Step 2: Click Delete to delete the account

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