How to manage variant swatch?

How to manage variant swatch?

The following tutorial is going to show how to manage variant swatch.

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1/ Variant drop-down & Variant swatch.

A/ Variant drop-down

B/ Variant swatch

2/ Variant swatch color

A/ Swatch color with background is a standard color

Standard color can be used with CSS code, in English. You can refer here

B/ Swatch color with background is image

In case you don't like standard color, you want to add new colors, such as : RedCaro, BlueSmart, GreenTea,... => you need upload images with name: redcaro.png, bluesmart.png, greentea.png

You can use the photo editor to create images or search photo from internet. Normal, we use images size at 35 x 35 pixels

You can check the location where you need upload the images as belows:

Go to Theme -> HTML/CSS -> Swatch.liquid -> find append: file_extension and you can see the letter following it.

If text is file_url: you need upload image in Admin -> Settings -> Files

If text is asset_url: you need upload image in Themes -> HTML/CSS -> Assets -> Add a new asset


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